The Gunnar Jarring Central Eurasia Collection consists of publications from the private library of late Ambassador Gunnar Jarring (1907–2002). It was formerly owned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities and hosted for about 10 years by Stockholm University, where it was catalogued and kept as a separate library. In 2012, this collection was donated and transported to the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul. A digitization project has been initiated in an effort to increase the accessibility of materials from the Gunnar Jarring Central Eurasia Collection in Istanbul for both the scientific community and the general public by providing possibilities through this website to view items in their entirety together with briefings about their provenance and contents.

Kashgar Prints

Travel Literature



Kashgar Revisited : Uyghur studies in memory of ambassador Gunnar Jarring (2017) ed. by Ildikó Bellér-Hann, Birgit N. Schlyter and Jun Sugwara.

Read online: Contents & Introduction ; Chapter 1, “From the Private Library of Gunnar Jarring and His New Eastern Turki Dictionary” by Birgit Schlyter

Return to the Silk Routes: Current Scandinavian research  on Central Asia (1999) ed. by Mirja Juntunen and Birgit N. Schlyter

Read online: “Nordic Research on Central Asia: Past, Present and Future” by Mirja Juntunen and Birgit N. Schlyter ; “The Sino-Swedish Expedition to Yar-tonguz in 1994” by Staffan Rosén

Dragomanen (2015), Annual published by the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul

Read online: “Sidenvägsstudier och internationella nätverk vid SFII” by Birgit Schlyter and Azize Güneş


Sverige utanför – svensk makt och dess spår i utlandet (2015), YMER

Read online: “Svenska Forskningsinstitutet i Istanbul – en mötesplats i Eurasiens mitt” by Birgit N. Schlyter 

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